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Two Guys On Block Island

The Podcast

It's no secret that Dr. Westchesterson is a local legend on Block Island where he summers. But did you know that he also co-hosts an increasingly popular podcast about the little summer resort community he calls home? Using the alias, Marc Scortino ("Marc" - from actor Marc Singer of the Dr.'s favorite movie, Beastmaster and "Scortino"- an amalgam of the last names of his two favorite directors, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino) the Dr. along with his friend and co-host Rich Tretheway interview many of the colorful characters who inhabit Block Island. Now in its fourth season the Podcast has garnered a rabid fanbase with over two hundred thousand total downloads as of May 2023. If you've ever been curious about what sort of crazy people (besides Dr. Westchesterson) would choose to live on a seven mile long by three mile wide island thirteen miles off the coast of mainland America this is your resource. Two Guys on Block Island is available on all major streaming platforms.

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