The most famous rapper in Western Mass

Dr. W burst on the scene in April 2012 when the music video "413" made him an instant cultural phenomenon in Western Massachusetts. Seven years later the video and it's sequel, "(I'm from) Western Mass achieved time capsule status. The videos became documents  of a Golden Era in the 413. 

The Owsley Stanley of cannabis, D-dubs spent the 90's either underground or on the run. Although the Dr's past is checkered he's on the right side of the law these days. When pressed on the details of how a one time medical intern turned cannabis kingpin legitimized his empire, the Doctor remains cryptic.

"I Michael Corleone'd that shit..."

The Dr. spends his time in the recording studio these days but splits to summer on Block Island. You can find him lurking in the darkest corner of Captain Nick's Rock and Roll Bar, the island's most notorious roadhouse. Making frequent trips to the mainland via cigarette boat to Mystic, CT for "supplies"- the Dr. pops in for shows at select venues friendly to his cause.

As always...it's catch him if you can.