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The Dawn of a New Era...


After another triumphant summer on Block Island, Dr. Westchesterson spent the fall traveling to Italy, Los Angeles and Austin, TX. 









Between jaunts he managed to put together a band that crushed its two Rhode Island debuts. The Ocean Mist and The Knickerbocker bore witness to a new era in regards to the Dr.'s live show. 

Opening for himself, D-dubs rocked a set of his old-school hip hop classics before taking the stage with "The Headband"- named for one of the Dr.'s favorite fashion accessories. The band was met with a warm reception at both venues cementing the hope that more full band shows would occur. 









At present more dates are being booked for Spring/Summer 2023. Between now and then, fans can pick up a copy of Better Days Ahead on 12" 180g VINYL via the online store.

Stay tuned for solo dates around the Mystic/Westerly area this winter...

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